Do Leonbergers Shed?


If you are a meticulous housekeeper!

Leonbergers are messy dogs. They shed huge clumps and they love to go mud bogging.

Leos shed only twice a year but that shed cycle lasts about six months each time. In the spring and fall they blow out their coats and the amount of fur is stunning. Leonberger chat rooms on the internet have involved discussions about the best vacuum cleaners to use. If you have a Leo you will burn up vacuum cleaners and buy lots of bags.

Leos shed so much that many have made sweaters from the fur and there is an annual auction of a Leo hair blanket to raise funds for breed rescue and health research!

Leos will be drawn to water and mud. A muddy Leo is a happy Leo.

If you can tolerate the cleaning and vacuuming you will have a great companion though!IMG_0558DSC_0785