Cherrywood’s Zen Attitude@Asgard

Paradox is our sweet girl who is perhaps the most easy going Leonberger we have ever had. She is never pushy and always wants to please.


Paradox loves to hang out on the sofa, sleep in bed, and help out in the kitchen as the clean up assistant. Our house is surrounded by water and Great Blue Herons are everywhere. One Heron greets Paradox most mornings and they talk to each other. We wonder if they are challenging each other or really enjoy each others’ company.


Paradox has a fiery red coat and a really typy nice mask. She seems lazy except when she must protect us from squirrels and rabbits, which demand a full gallop across the yard.


She loves long walks on the beaches of the Chesapeake but she really is not too interested in swimming.

Paradox’s pedigree.

Paradox’s medical clearances.

Paradox’s breeder.