“A” Litter

We have a beautiful litter of puppies. They have gone to their new homes and we are thrilled with all of the owners. Some people want to show their pup, some use them as therapy dogs, some as performance dogs, but the common theme is that everyone wants a nice family companion.

We selected some great people for these pups and look forward to seeing the pups grow up and having great times with everyone.

Our pups have stayed fairly close to home, with New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia as the homes.

Here are some photos of the little ones as they went to their new families.

That is Micah, belonging to Ben and Sarah Horrocks.

That is Spencer, belonging to Crystal and Micah Komp.

That is Hercules, belonging to Doug and Tina Firestone.

That is Autumn, belonging to Sara and Mark Sobota.

That is Auggie, belonging to Betsy Hoffmeier.

That is Elvis, belonging to the Carpenter family.

Here are some photos of the pups as they grew up.

Boudica’s litter was born on August 29, 2011 and we have 5 males and 2 females.

Boudica is doing a great job with the little ones.

Puppy pictures are pretty generic when they are this age, but they still are great to look at. We have the pups nursing on Mom, curled up on piles, and just leaning against Mom’s leg and enjoying life!

The little pups are a week old now. They squirm a lot and are enjoying life. One seems to be a potential jail breaker or escape artist. He may be trouble when he grows up!

Some updated photos of the little Leo pups.