AKC Standard

The American Kennel Club Standard is the description by which a Leonberger is judged in the show ring. The standard is submitted by the parent breed club.

When people watch dog shows they often ask how different breeds can be judged in the show ring. Keep in mind that the dogs are not judged against each other, rather against the Breed Standard. The judge determines which dog most closely meets that written description.

While judges certainly have their favorite breeds, they put those feelings aside and evaluate strictly on conformance to the written Breed Standard.

The judges may put those feelings aside, but we think the Leonberger is the best breed around!

“The Leonberger is a calm, non–aggressive, large, muscular, working dog with a proud head carriage. He is distinguished by his balanced build, black mask, and double coat. Adult males, in particular, are powerful and strong and carry a lion–like mane on the neck and chest. A dog or bitch is easily discernable as such. For its size, the Leonberger is light on its feet and graceful in motion.”

AKC Breed standard.