Conquest’s Sakura Fubuki At Asgard

Llewellyn, or Lewie, is a complete goof! He’s pushy and always wants things his way. He is constantly testing our limits but none of his shenanigans are malicious.


We believe that in a previous life, Lewie worked on a landscaping or excavating crew. If you need to dig a big and deep hole, Lewie is your contractor.


Lewie loves to swim. When we open the door, he makes a beeline for the pool or the river. He doesn’t hesitate to make the big leap into the water. We prefer that he swims at high tide so that he doesn’t need to run across the oysters on the shoreline.


When Lewie is done running around he crashes hard and prefers to take his naps on the sofa or in front of the fireplace. He loves to pester Paradox, especially by pulling on her collar to get her motivated to play with him. These two have been close friends from the moment they met.


Occasionally Lewie looks regal and serious.


Llewellyn’s pedigree.