Asgard’s A Perfect Storm, CGC




In hockey, a quinella is an extremely rare event, only done once. It is when a player scores five goals in a game, a regular goal, a power play goal, a short handed goal, a penalty shot goal, and an empty net goal. We are hockey fanatics and recognize a rarity such as this and see that special rarity in our little girl.

That is why she is called Quinella.


Quinella’s registered name is “Asgard’s A Perfect Storm.”

When her litter was about to be born, we had a series of strange weather and environmental events that caused us to think that a perfect storm was brewing. We had a 5.8 magnitude earthquake followed in a few days with the arrival of Hurricane Irene. We planned to deal with her litter with no electricity to run the heat lamps or keep the milk supplement cool. Fortunately, the power stayed on!


Quinella’s pedigree.

Quinella’s medical clearences.